Mike Carter


Mike Carter is a native Floridian born in Sanford and raised in Eustis. Grew up in the construction industry. Received a Bachelor of Building Construction in March, 1978, from the University of Florida in Gainesville. Is a state certified general contractor, state licensed home inspector, and EPA certified in lead safety for renovation, repair, and painting. Was in the family construction business with his father until he became the sole proprietor from 1990-1999. He is currently part owner of Granger Construction & Development, Inc., in Eustis.

Married Andrea Miller on November 15, 1986. They have two children – Stephen, February 24, 1989, and Sarah Kaye, January 7, 1991.

Mike was baptized Friday night, April 15, 1977, in Gainesville, FL. This was through the campus outreach on the University of Florida campus by the Crossroads Church of Christ. After returning to Eustis in 1980, attended the University Blvd Church of Christ in Orlando, FL. There is where he eventually met and married Andrea. Was a small group Bible study leader for the University Blvd Church of Christ and then for the Orlando Church of Christ. In June 1991 started worshipping with the Orange Avenue church of Christ in Eustis. In June 1996 became the director of education, later appointed as deacon, and was a ministry leader for youth education, all for a total of ten years. Placed membership with the Mount Dora Church of Christ in March 2008. Works with Damien Barber in the education program and was appointed elder on May 15, 2011.