Sermons 2016

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Date Title Speaker Listen
December 25th (AM)  The Word Became Flesh Bob Bliss  
December 18th (PM) Death of the Sinners’s Prayer Bob Bliss  
December 18th (AM)  The Good News Bob Bliss  
December 11th (PM) Praising God His Way Bob Bliss  
December 11th (AM) The Bible’s Focal Point Bob Bliss  
December 4th (PM) Our Peace Rests in Jesus Bob Bliss  
December 4th (AM) The Bible’s Big Picture Bob Bliss  
November 27th (PM) Final Exhortations Bob Bliss  
November 27th (AM) Women Who Followed Jesus Bob Bliss  
November 20th (PM) Elders Bob Bliss  
November 20th (AM) The Posture of Thankfulness Bob Bliss  
November 13th (PM) Give Thanks to God Damien Barber
November 13th (AM)  Decisions Decisions Gene Newton  
November 6th (AM) The Government Will Rest On His Shoulders Bob Bliss  
October 30th (PM)  Suffering as a Christian Bob Bliss  
October 30th (AM) Enter Through the Narrow Gate Damien Barber  
October 23rd (PM) While Waiting Bob Bliss  
October 23rd (AM) Following Jesus to be Fishers of Men Bob Bliss  
October 16th (PM) Arm Yourselves Bob Bliss
October 16th (AM) What Must I Do? Bob Bliss  
October 9th (PM) Always Be Ready Bob Bliss  
October 9th (AM) Walking in the Light Bob Bliss  
October 2nd (PM) Let’s Review Bob Bliss
October 2nd (AM) Following the Voice of the Shepherd Bob Bliss
September 25th (PM) Kingdom Living in a Hostile World Bob Bliss
September 25th (AM) Anywhere With Jesus Bob Bliss  
September 18th (PM) Our Spiritual House Bob Bliss
September 18th (AM) Was Blind But Now I See Bob Bliss
September 11th (PM) Do Unto Others Damien Barber  
September 11th (AM) Our Warfare Bob Bliss  
September 4th (PM) What Do You Crave Bob Bliss  
September 4th (AM) God Is Up To Something Glenn Newton  
August 28th (PM) Loving Each Other Bob Bliss
August 28th (AM) Obstacles to Following Jesus Bob Bliss
August 21st (PM) Your Redemption is Costly Bob Bliss  
August 21st (AM) Our Life is a Mission Trip Jerry Holder
August 14th (PM) Inviting Others to Follow Jesus Bob Bliss   
August 14th (AM) Be Holy Bob Bliss
August 7th (PM) The Prophets and Our Salvation Bob Bliss
August 7th (AM) Counting the Cost Bob Bliss