Sermons – 2018

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Date Title Speaker Listen
August 12th (PM) Paul’s Spiritual Genealogy Bob Bliss
August 12th (AM) The Veil of the Temple Bob Bliss
August 5th (PM) Dealing With Differences Bob Bliss
August 5th (AM) The Mystery of the Cross Bob Bliss
July 29th (AM) The Word Which Dwells in Your Heart Bob Bliss
July 22nd (AM) God’s Word is Truth Bob Bliss
July 15th (PM) The Christian and The Old Testament Bob Bliss
July 15th (AM) The Word is God Breathed Bob Bliss
July 8th (PM) Urgencies and Priorities  Bob Bliss  
July 8th (AM) Trials and the Word of God  Bob Bliss  
July 1st (PM) We Are Subjected to Authority  Bob Bliss   
June 24th (PM) The Way of Peace  Bob Bliss  
June 24th (AM) The Word of God Gives Me Joy  Bob Bliss
June 17th (PM) Fasting Damien Barber  
June 17th (AM) Dream Small Damien Barber  
June 10th (PM)  Go! Glenn Newton  
June 10th (AM)  God’s Word in You  Bob Bliss  
June 3rd (PM)  Congregational Unity  Bob Bliss  
June 3rd (AM)  The Object of My Faith  Bob Bliss  
May 27th (PM)  We Are Qualified To Be God’s People  Bob Bliss  
May 27th (AM)  The Word of God Keeps Me From Sin  Bob Bliss  
May 20th (PM) What Motivates You Bob Bliss
May 20th (AM) Revive Me According to Your Word Bob Bliss
May 13th (PM) God is Working Unseen Bob Bliss  
May 13th (AM) Creating the Right Customs Bob Bliss
May 6th (PM) The God of Wrath Bob Bliss
May 6th (AM)  Be Like Jesus Bob Bliss
April 29th (AM)  The Lost Boys Damien Barber  
April 22nd (AM)  The God Who Is Broken Bob Bliss  
April 15th (PM) Four Activities of the Holy Spirit Bob Bliss
April 15th (AM) God: The Defender of the Vulnerable Bob Bliss
April 8th (PM) The Spirit of God Bob Bliss
April 8th (AM) The God of Grace Bob Bliss
April 1st (PM) Rejection and Sin Bob Bliss
April 1st (AM) Risen From the Dead Bob Bliss
March 25th (PM) The Law, The Christian, and Grace Bob Bliss
March 25th (AM) The New Life: A New Self Bob Bliss
March 18th (PM) Baptism: From Death to Life Bob Bliss
March 18th (AM) The New Life: A New Creation Bob Bliss
March 11th (PM) Law and Sin Bob Bliss
March 11th (AM) The New Life: Changed Behavior Bob Bliss
March 4th (PM) Jesus – The New Adam Bob Bliss
March 4th (AM) The New Life: Changed Relationships Bob Bliss
February 25th (PM) Adam Is The Father of Sin Bob Bliss  
February 25th (AM) Transformed Bob Bliss  
February 18th (PM)  Characteristics of Abraham’s Faith Bob Bliss    
February 18th (AM) Baptism and Faith Bob Bliss
February 11th (PM)  Prison of Sin Bob Bliss  
February 11th (AM)  First Things: Confessing and Professing Bob Bliss  
February 4th (PM) God’s Graciousness in Genesis Damien Barber
February 4th (AM) Love Like The Lord Damien Barber
January 28th (AM) First Things: The Faith That Pleases God Bob Bliss
January 21st (PM) We Are All in the Same Boat Bob Bliss  
January 21st (AM) First Things: Repentance That Bears Fruit Bob Bliss  
January 14th (PM) Paul’s Prayer to the Romans Bob Bliss  
January 14th (AM) First Things: Message About Christ Bob Bliss
January 7th (PM) Our New Story Bob Bliss  
January 7th (AM) First Things: What God Has Done For Us Bob Bliss  

Sermons 2017

Date Title Speaker Listen
December 31st (AM) Total Commitment Damien Barber  
December 24th (AM) Out of Egypt I Called My Son Bob Bliss  
December 17th (PM) Be Godly On Purpose Bob Bliss
December 17th (AM) Pray For Harvest Workers Bob Bliss  
December 10th (PM) Fellowship Godly People Bob Bliss
December 10th (AM) Come You Who Are Weary Bob Bliss
December 3rd (PM) India Update Don Iverson  
December 3rd (AM) Total Commitment as Disciples of Jesus Bob Bliss
November 26th (PM) Redeeming Your Time Bob Bliss  
November 26th (AM) Jesus Speaks We Listen Bob Bliss
November 19th (PM) Ponder the Brevity of Life Bob Bliss  
November 19th (AM) Imitating Jesus’ Purpose in Meals Bob Bliss  
November 12th (PM) Watch Out For Temptations Bob Bliss  
November 12th (AM) What is a Disciple of Christ? Bob Bliss  
November 5th (PM) Thinking Holy Thoughts Bob Bliss
November 5th (AM) Do You Believe In Jesus? Bob Bliss  
October 29th (AM) A Life of Worship Damien Barber  
October 22nd (AM) Oil, Dew, and Brotherly Unity Bob Bliss  
October 15th (PM) What Is Worldliness? Bob Bliss  
October 15th (AM) How Thirsty Are You? Bob Bliss  
October 1st (PM) 8 Rules of Growing in Godliness Bob Bliss  
October 1st (AM) Handling Evil Through Prayer Bob Bliss  
October 1st (PM) What About The Future of the Church? Kyle Cantrell  
October 1st (AM) The Church At The Present Time Bill Weaver  
October 1st (AM) The Church In Its Beginning Eddie Stillwell
September 24th (PM) I Am The True Vine Bob Bliss  
September 24th (AM) I Was Glad Bob Bliss
September 17th (PM) I Am The Way, Truth, and Life Bob Bliss  
September 17th (AM) God and Storms Bob Bliss  
September 3rd (AM) The Lord Is My Shepherd Bob Bliss
September 3rd (PM) I Am The Resurrection and The Life Bob Bliss  
August 27th (PM) I Am The Good Shepherd Bob Bliss
August 27th (AM) All You Need To Know About God Bob Bliss  
August 20th (PM) I Am The Door Bob Bliss  
August 20th (AM) Yes God Knows Bob Bliss  
August 13th (PM) I Am the Light of the World Bob Bliss  
August 13th (AM) The Psalms and Our Prayers Bob Bliss  
August 6th (PM) We Can Rest Easy Bob Bliss  
August 6th (AM) Residence in God’s Mountain Bob Bliss  
July 30th (AM) The Path of the Wicked Bob Bliss  
July 23rd (PM) Wisdom Damien Barber  
July 23rd (AM) God Speaks Bob Bliss  
July 16th (PM) Jesus Is The I Am Bob Bliss  
July 16th (AM) When God Doesn’t Answer Bob Bliss  
July 9th (PM) Will Fame Bring You Happiness Bob Bliss  
July 9th (AM) Choices Bob Bliss  
July 2nd (PM) How David Loved: Good and Bad Damien Barber
July 2nd (AM) The New Life Damien Barber  
June 25th (PM) Wealth and Happiness Bob Bliss   
June 25th (AM) Hear O Church Bob Bliss
June 18th (PM) The Fiery Furnace Mitchel Routh  
June 18th (AM) The Fatherhood of God Bob Bliss  
June 11th (PM) Happiness Bob Bliss  
June 11th (AM) Speaking To One Another Bob Bliss  
June 4th (PM) God’s Holiness (Isaiah 6) Bob Bliss  
June 4th (AM) Be Devoted to One Another Bob Bliss  
May 28th (PM) Spiritual Blessings Bob Bliss  
May 28th (AM) Be Subject to One Another Bob Bliss  
May 21st (PM) Dealing With Spiritual Evil Bob Bliss  
May 21st (AM) Bear One Another’s Burdens Bob Bliss  
May 14th (PM) Spiritual Forces of Wickedness Bob Bliss  
May 14th (AM) What a Mom Wants Bob Bliss  
May 7th (PM) Spiritual Restoration Bob Bliss  
May 7th (AM) Greet One Another Bob Bliss  
April 30th (PM) God With Elijah Damien Barber  
April 30th (AM) Do Not Judge One Another Bob Bliss  
April 23rd (PM) Fleshly Vs Spiritual Bob Bliss  
April 23rd (AM) Admonish One Another Bob Bliss  
April 16th (PM) The Centrality of His Resurrection Bob Bliss
April 16th (AM) If You’ve Been Raised in Christ Bob Bliss
April 10th (PM) Spiritual Growth Bob Bliss  
April 2nd (PM) When Someone Does You Harm Bob Bliss  
April 2nd (AM) The World Needs The Church Bob Bliss  
March 26th (PM) There Are Only Two Roads Bob Bliss  
March 26th (AM) Let Us Consider One Another Bob Bliss  
March 19th (PM) Be Ready For Every Good Deed Bob Bliss  
March 19th (AM) Edify One Another Bob Bliss  
March 12th (PM) Worthless For Any Good Deed Bob Bliss  
March 12th (AM) Assure One Another Bob Bliss  
March 5th (PM) The Fruitfulness of Good Deeds Bob Bliss
March 5th (AM) Members of One Another Bob Bliss    
February 26th (PM) Zealous For Good Deeds Bob Bliss  
February 26th (AM) The Red Heifer Sacrifice Bob Bliss  
February 19th (PM) Good Deeds Bob Bliss  
February 19th (AM) The Grasshopper Syndrome Bob Bliss  
February 12th (PM) Cleansed For Good Deeds Bob Bliss  
February 12th (AM) Love Your Neighbor Bob Bliss  
February 5th (PM) Outrage Bob Bliss  
February 5th (AM) The Glory of the Lord Bob Bliss  
January 29th (AM) I Am The Lord Who Brought You Out Damien Barber  
January 22nd (PM) God Has A New Name Bob Bliss  
January 22nd (AM) Salvation Has Come Down Bob Bliss  
January 15th (PM) Remembering Why in 2017 Philip Goad  
January 15th (AM) Wrestling with God Bob Bliss  
January 8th (PM) Getting a Handle on the Old Testament Bob Bliss
January 8th (AM) The All Powerful God Bob Bliss  
January 1st (PM) Handling the Word of God Accurately Bob Bliss  
January 1st (AM) Reading God’s Word Bob Bliss  

Sermons – 2016

Date Title Speaker Listen
December 25th (AM)  The Word Became Flesh Bob Bliss  
December 18th (PM) Death of the Sinners’s Prayer Bob Bliss  
December 18th (AM)  The Good News Bob Bliss  
December 11th (PM) Praising God His Way Bob Bliss  
December 11th (AM) The Bible’s Focal Point Bob Bliss  
December 4th (PM) Our Peace Rests in Jesus Bob Bliss  
December 4th (AM) The Bible’s Big Picture Bob Bliss  
November 27th (PM) Final Exhortations Bob Bliss  
November 27th (AM) Women Who Followed Jesus Bob Bliss  
November 20th (PM) Elders Bob Bliss  
November 20th (AM) The Posture of Thankfulness Bob Bliss  
November 13th (PM) Give Thanks to God Damien Barber
November 13th (AM)  Decisions Decisions Gene Newton  
November 6th (AM) The Government Will Rest On His Shoulders Bob Bliss  
October 30th (PM)  Suffering as a Christian Bob Bliss  
October 30th (AM) Enter Through the Narrow Gate Damien Barber  
October 23rd (PM) While Waiting Bob Bliss  
October 23rd (AM) Following Jesus to be Fishers of Men Bob Bliss  
October 16th (PM) Arm Yourselves Bob Bliss
October 16th (AM) What Must I Do? Bob Bliss  
October 9th (PM) Always Be Ready Bob Bliss  
October 9th (AM) Walking in the Light Bob Bliss  
October 2nd (PM) Let’s Review Bob Bliss
October 2nd (AM) Following the Voice of the Shepherd Bob Bliss
September 25th (PM) Kingdom Living in a Hostile World Bob Bliss
September 25th (AM) Anywhere With Jesus Bob Bliss  
September 18th (PM) Our Spiritual House Bob Bliss
September 18th (AM) Was Blind But Now I See Bob Bliss
September 11th (PM) Do Unto Others Damien Barber  
September 11th (AM) Our Warfare Bob Bliss  
September 4th (PM) What Do You Crave Bob Bliss  
September 4th (AM) God Is Up To Something Glenn Newton  
August 28th (PM) Loving Each Other Bob Bliss
August 28th (AM) Obstacles to Following Jesus Bob Bliss
August 21st (PM) Your Redemption is Costly Bob Bliss  
August 21st (AM) Our Life is a Mission Trip Jerry Holder
August 14th (PM) Inviting Others to Follow Jesus Bob Bliss   
August 14th (AM) Be Holy Bob Bliss
August 7th (PM) The Prophets and Our Salvation Bob Bliss
August 7th (AM) Counting the Cost Bob Bliss