Mount Dora Church of Christ

Our mission is to go to Heaven and take as many people with us as possible

Mount Dora Church of Christ


We are slowly “reopening” like others in our state and country. We have now completed two Sunday morning assemblies. While I was grateful to see those who came, it will be nice when we can hug and shake hands once again.  Please continue to pray for us as a congregation. I look forward to our return to a sense of “normal.”

This video is for those of you still staying home. I pray that God will bless you. Even though this is shot in my office, it is essentially the same as I’m doing on Sunday morning in our building.

Here is my lesson for 5/31/2020

Here is a Lord’s Supper Talk

This video is an Overview of Acts 1-11

I did it to get us up to date on Acts in preparation for our getting back together again on Wednesday nights.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry giveaway was very fruitful yesterday (May 9, 2020). We gave away 68 boxes. Even though I posted last month that we gave away 68 boxes, it appears that I miscounted and there were only 67 boxes. May God bless us with more folks next month. The list for the items needed for our pantry next month will be posted here later this week. It will also be on the bulletin board near the foyer. You can find it on this website by clicking above on the “Events” menu and then clicking on “Current Events.” Scroll down a little way and you will find the list.


George and Dot Pegues

If you missed the funeral service for George and Dot you might still be able to watch it. I know that Facebook records the live feed and then allows you to view it later. I don’t know how long Facebook leaves it up, but you can go to the Woodlawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home (in Gotha, FL) Facebook page and see.



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