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Our mission is to go to Heaven and take as many people with us as possible

Mount Dora Church of Christ


We’ve got a lot of folks on our prayer list. You can consult our bulletin to see that list. You can also find the list of food we need for our next pantry giveaway in the bulletin.

Although Gene Newton has finished his video series on “The Go Statements of Jesus” he is still doing a video series for our website called “The Church.” His second lesson is now posted titled “Servants of the King.”  Glenn Newton will be here on January 31 for our in the auditorium class telling us about the work of Herald of Truth. We elders really think that Herald of Truth has the potential for helping us reach out in our neighborhood and community. Schliebner will be taking over the Sunday morning adult class some time in February.

Bob’s series on The Mission of God is finished. A new series on the book of Jude is now posted here. The first lesson is Our Christian Identity from Jude 1:1-2. Hope you are edified.

Please wear a mask at our Sunday service and Wednesday service. We will continue to do our best to make our building environment safe. Gene has made a little more space in our pews so that we can handle more people without having to bring chairs in the back. If you can, please try to sit as close up front as you can. Also please stay in the same seat you used for Bible class when worship time comes. This helps us keep everyone safe.

Don’t forget we are now doing Bible classes on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. We have a class for the adults and one for the kids. It’s good that we have our Sunday morning and Wednesday night somewhat back to normal. Hopefully we’ll add more soon.

I know some of you may not yet feel safe to come to our Sunday service or our Wednesday service but I pray that the Lord will always continue to be with you. I do look forward to everyone coming back again.  Don’t forget when you arrive on Sunday morning that communion cups will be at the back of the auditorium for you to pick up on your way in. Also there will be a contribution plate for you to drop your contribution in. Gene and I will still be posting our Sunday lessons for all of you to view.

Gene Newton – The Church: Servants of the King

Joyce Keller, Celebration of Her Life

Here is Bob’s lesson for 01/24/2021

Here’s a Lord’s Supper Meditation

Isaiah’s Commission to Preach to Idolaters

Food Pantry

Don’t forget to check our bulletin board in the foyer and our bulletin for what items we need next month. Our next giveaway will be February 13.  Keep praying for our congregation, our community, our county, our state, and our country. Let your light shine during this time when you have the opportunity.

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